The Female of the Species

No, it’s not a sci-fi thriller but our major production to be performed in September. This ‘deliciously wicked comedy’ will be sure to delight audiences male and female alike. Written by acclaimed Australian playwright Joanna Murray- Smith ‘The Female of the Species’ will be produced by Remarkable Theatre 26-29th September in Arrowtown.

Written in 2006 and based on a true life story this play has been performed in Los Angeles with Annette Bening as Margot Mason. The play revolves around Margot- an acclaimed feminist author. When a young fan arrives unexpectedly at her country home, Margot’s world slowly and comically begins to unravel as family and friends show up and debate the virtues of her best-sellers, her inconsistent world view, and her decidedly un-motherly touch.

Remarkable Theatre is looking forward to producing our second major production after the success of ‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business’ in 2011. Joanna Murray- Smith is a novelist and author of other fantastic plays such as ‘Rapture’ and the Broadway performed ‘Honour’. In relation to ‘The Female of the Species’ The Guardian said ‘There is no denying Murray-Smith has a gift for funny lines.’

Auditions for this show for the 3 female, 3 male parts will be held on the 30th June and the 1st July. For an information pack please e-mail or call Tori on 027-426-5563.


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