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Due to some cast members leaving town, we are seeking two female actresses to complete the Gone To Seed 2022 cast, postponed from 2021.

On Tuesday 28 June and Thursday 30 June we will be holding auditions for the following roles which are more suited, but not restricted, to older actors. We will consider actors outside this age bracket if they are suitable for the role. 

MAUREEN: Aged 60-70*. Loud, confident, forthright. Speaks her mind. Appears unfeeling, matter of fact. Former club president. A bit of a stirrer.

ESME: Aged 70-80*. Club secretary and treasurer. Timid, slow, hard of hearing. Short stature. Classic little old lady. Speaks slowly.


Gone To Seed is a true-blue Kiwi story of friendship, loss, community and growth, Tim Hambleton's award-winning play Gone to Seed promises to be a side-splitting night out. The familiar and hilarious characters discover being a member of an ageing gardening club is more risque than it sounds!

AUDITIONS 1         Tuesday 28 June, 7PM @ Te Atamira, 12 Hawthorne Drive, Frankton
AUDITIONS 2        Thursday 30 June, 6:30PM @ Showbiz Rooms, 29 Isle St, Queenstown

July & August       Likely to be Tuesday & Thursday evenings + Sundays in August
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Sep 8 – Sep 17      Thursday, Friday, Saturday + one Sunday matinee

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